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Scantronic is one of worlds largest manufacturers of security equipment for all types of commercial and domestic.

The innovative and reassuringly straightforward Scantronic 9853En has the capacity to secure your entire premises however large from commercial and industrial buildings to shops, stores and large residential properties.                                                                                 The systems flexibility allows it to be precisely tailored to the way you run your business however varied your needs. The host of peripherals enables commercial, industrial, retail and public buildings, such as schools or local government offices, to apply specific settings to suit their security needs. This means that you can secure the entire premises, or opt to protect individual buildings, rooms or zones all in a single, user friendly package that is future-proofed to grow as and when you do.                                                                                                  The 9853En flexibility and dependability is ideal for larger homes. Specific rooms, floors, annexes, garages and outbuildings can be secured individually or all together.       


The 9752 is ideally suited to home security and small commercial security applications and has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use. It has simple A,B,C and D setting options, providing full and part set options. Up to 4 remote keypads can be added to the system allowing easy operation from any location within the protected premises using either a 4 digit code or encrypted proximity tag.